Ellicott City, MD

Center for Watershed Protection


Stormwater Management, Watershed Planning, and Workforce Development

The Center for Watershed Protection (CWP) is a non-profit organization founded in 1992 that works to protect and restore surface water resources from the impacts of land use practices and offers opportunities like consulting, research, training workshops, and memberships. Through the years, the center has become a national leader on stormwater management and watershed planning. In 2013, CWP received an EPA Urban Waters Small Grant to work with the City of Atlanta and the West Atlanta Watershed alliance to create a replicable blueprint for successfully and cost-effectively decreasing pollution in urban waters while engaging the community to monitor water quality. Working with Civic Works, the CWP also provides workforce development and Clean Water Certifications, with trainings that range from stormwater management to urban tree canopy conservation. They work with many partners around the United States to ensure that their trainees are well-equipped to perform environmental jobs while earning a living wage. Recently, the CWP was a part of the initiative to update Georgia’s Stormwater Management Manual (2016).