Phoenix, AZ

Arizona State University (ASU)

WATERSHED: Salt River Watershed and Middle Gila Watershed

Community Monitoring of Pollutants in Urban Waterways and Recreational Fisheries in Metro-Phoenix

This project combines academic research with community-based training and solutions to address real-life water quality and public health challenges. Ten students from Arizona State University-West campus, 21 K-12 students from the Phoenix Zoo Teen Conservation Team and local Girl Scouts troops will monitor water quality, including the presence of organic contaminants in waters and recreationally caught fishes in seven community fishing ponds located in the metro-Phoenix area. All participants will develop and deliver recommendations for community-based solutions to reduce urban runoff and pollution. All water quality results will also be provided to local regulatory agencies, and all project participants will gain increased exposure to academic and career opportunities in water quality, conservation biology, environmental chemistry and public health.