Drinking Water 101 Webinar Series: Understanding the Basics of Drinking Water Sources, Treatment, and Quality

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These webinars, hosted by River Network, provide an introduction and overview of drinking water processes, policies, and protection.

Drinking water crises in Flint, Detroit, Toledo, California’s Central Valley, and West Virginia have highlighted the need to invest in our natural and built infrastructure while also providing affordable water to all customers to ensure access to safe and healthy drinking water. To engage constructively as a community member and advocate, it’s important to understand drinking water systems and policies, rules, and technologies.


March 7th 2:30-4:00 ET: Drinking Water 101a

Sources of drinking water, components of a drinking water system and types of water utilities – the first webinar covers where our drinking water comes from, the components of a drinking water system including treatment, storage and distribution as well as the different types of utilities that treat water such as community, non-community, public, private, and the range of sizes of utilities and why that matters.

March 14th 2:30-4:00 ET: Drinking Water 101b

Drinking Water 101b covers the history and purpose of the Safe Drinking Water Act and how drinking water regulations and standards are established and implemented by EPA, the states and water utilities, including the issues of compliance, public health and available federal funds to address infrastructure challenges and technical assistance.