Water Equity Taskforce: Insights for the Water Sector

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In 2017, the US Water Alliance published a report that proposed three pillars for advancing water equity: An Equitable Water Future, A National Briefing Paper. Using this three pillar framework—equitable water access, economic benefits, and climate resilience—the Water Alliance launched a Water Equity Taskforce in 2018 in seven different cities. The current report presents the lessons learned by the task force members that can offer insights about water equity to philanthropic leaders, water utilities, and community and environmental leaders. The report includes different sections: Foundations of Cross-Sector Partnership, Key Insights for a Collaborative Approach to Water Equity, Principles into Practice, and Implications for the Future.

Citation: Aminzadeh, S., R. Willette. 2021. Water Equity Taskforce: Insights for the Water Sector. US Water Alliance. Accessed June 21, 2021 from http://uswateralliance.org/sites/uswateralliance.org/files/FINAL%20Water%20Equity%20Taskforce%20Insights%20for%20the%20Water%20Sector.pdf