An Equitable Water Future: a National Briefing Paper

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This U.S. Water Alliance publication summarizes the overarching and regional challenges that demonstrate the need for more equitable approaches, then outlines the “three pillars of equity” based on USWA’s original research, as well as data from PolicyLink. The report goes on to showcase specific approaches and strategies toward integrating these pillars into water management and infrastructure projects. The three pillars are:

  1. Ensure all people have access to clean, safe, affordable water service
  2. Maximize the community and economic benefits of water infrastructure investment
  3. Foster community resilience in the face of a changing climate

“The US Water Alliance developed this briefing paper to expand national understanding of the water-related challenges that vulnerable communities face. This paper is inspired and informed by the contributions of diverse stakeholders—utility managers, policymakers, community leaders, advocacy coalitions, direct service providers, and more. It spotlights the promising practices that have emerged to make water systems more equitable, and offers recommendations for their implementation. The audiences we address and the scope of topics we tackle in this paper are intentionally broad. At the US Water Alliance, we believe that all stakeholders have a vital role to play in securing an equitable water future for all. The report is organized in the following manner:

• Part One: Water Stress and Vulnerable Communities describes the critical challenges facing the water sector and how they impact vulnerable communities; and

• Part Two: The Pillars of Water Equity describes promising practices and strategies in three key arenas showcasing the diverse ways that organizations can advance water equity in the US.”

Citation: Zoë Roller and Danielle Mayorga.An Equitable Water Future: a National Briefing Paper. U.S. Water Alliance, 2017.