Urban Wetlands Protection and Restoration Guide

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The Urban Wetlands Protection and Restoration Guide summarizes the findings of a two-year project carried out by the Association of State Wetland Managers, with assistance from a workgroup of experts, to identify ways to enhance, protect, and restore wetlands within and surrounding urban areas to maximize economic, ecological, and social benefits for urban communities. It also provides a road map for future efforts to improve policies, programs, and actions that restore and protect urban wetlands. Of particular interest to UWLN members, Chapter 4 has a good list of grant and financial assistance programs available.

From the guide:

“The topic areas have generally been organized in a way that will make sense for those looking to develop a long-term sustainable urban wetland program but is by no means meant to represent a definitive stepwise plan for building an urban wetlands program. Each user’s needs will vary based their specific circumstances and desired outcomes. The guide also does not provide information on methods or best practices for conducting urban wetland restoration, although more information is needed on this topic given the many unique challenges urban wetlands face. This guide focuses on the planning, protection, and funding that often precipitates restoration activities. For information on wetland restoration best practices, we direct the user to ASWM’s white paper, Wetland Restoration: Contemporary Issues and Lessons Learned, as much of the information contained within is useful and relevant to urban settings, such as setting realistic, measurable goals and planning with a wider watershed focus.”