Turning Vacant Lots into Green Spaces: Baltimore’s Experience and Replicable Tools

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Recorded webinar presenting Baltimore’s Green Pattern Book, a tool created as part of the city’s Growing Green Initiative to help guide the greening of vacant land by city agencies, nonprofit organizations and individual residents. The tool outlines eight green project patterns (e.g. stormwater management, green parking, etc.) and provides site-selection criteria and installation/maintenance guidance for each. Session also describes Baltimore’s Green Registry, a publicly accessible, interactive mapping tool that allows users to register and map their own greening activities on vacant land. The Green Registry is a project of the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance (BNIA-JFI). Presenters include: Mike Galvin, Urban Waters Federal Partnership Ambassador; J. Morgan Grove, USFS Baltimore Field Station Team Leader; and Seema Iyer, Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance-Jacob France Institute Associate Director.