Sharing in the Benefits of a Greening City

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The guidelines in this toolkit created by The CREATE Initiative partners comes out of the question: “What does it look like to envision green spaces as sites through which to build a more equitable and just world?”

Sharing in the Benefits of a Greening City includes sections including, (1) Concepts and Content, (2) Policy Tools, and (3) From Toolkit to Action as well as a glossary and a wealth of additional resources in the Appendices.

Individual handouts for topics within each section are available at the toolkit website. And, the full document can be downloaded from the link to the right or from the link below.

Citation: Klein, M., B.L. Keeler, K. Derickson, K. Swift, F. Jacobs, H. Waters, R. Walker. (2020). Sharing in
the benefits of a greening city. A policy toolkit to address the intersections of housing and
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