Integrated Waters Management – What Is It and How Can It Benefit Your Community and River?

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This recorded webinar kicks-off a learning series about Integrated Water Management. The speakers for this first session provide an overview of Integrated Water Management, including context, drivers, examples and opportunities. A series of tools and resources for thinking further are also discussed and explained.

Background: What does “Integrated Water Management” mean for your watershed and your community? Where has it been used and what are the benefits and challenges? Can it help your community achieve “triple bottom line” (environmental, social and economic) benefits?

Learn how communities – driven by environmental, cost, social and other concerns – are seeking ways to integrate water management with other sectors like transportation, health and energy to create multiple community benefits.  At scales ranging from the neighborhood and city to the watershed and basin, some communities are doing the work of breaking down the silos in water management to increase sustainability and equitably maximize benefits across the community and watershed.

Presenters: Lynn Broaddus, President, Broadview Collaborative and River Network Board Chair; Theresa Connor, Project Development Officer, One Water Solutions Institute, Colorado State University.