Guide to Measuring Neighborhood Change to Understand and Prevent Displacement

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The guide–developed by the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership based on the Turning the Corner project–is designed to support the analysis of neighborhood change by government, university, and non-profit organizations. The guide starts by highlighting the importance of data to understand neighborhood dynamics, create effective policy solutions, and promote informed discussions. Then, the guide provides practical steps for defining an analytical approach and communicating results. Also included is more information on indicators and data sources. As quoted from the guide:

“Local governments, universities, nonprofits, and research institutions have stepped in to analyze where neighborhood change is happening, what that change looks like, and where it might happen in the future. This guide is designed to support that work, offering a starting point for researchers, policymakers, and organizers interested in analyzing neighborhood change to promote inclusive development strategies, prevent displacement, and ensure that longer-term residents benefit from new investment.”

Citation: Cohen, Mychal and Kathryn L. S. Pettit. Guide to Measuring Neighborhood Change to Understand and Prevent Displacement. Urban Institute, 2019. Accessed April 25, 2019.