Greening without Gentrification

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The UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability and the University of Utah created the report, Greening without Gentrification, as an analysis of equitable development strategies being employed when large parks and green space are developed in marginalized neighborhoods. The report shares results from their ongoing study in which they identified 27 large park development projects in 19 cities. The researchers reviewed policy documents, media accounts, and conducted interviews. The results are summarized in the report, identifying and classifying parks-related anti-displacment strategies by sector, including Renters, Homeowners, Businesses and Jobs, Private Sector Housing Developers, Non-profit and Public Housing Organizations and Public Park Funding Agencies.

(This report was written by Alessandro Rigolon, assistant professor in the Department of City & Metropolitan Planning at The University of Utah, and Jon Christensen, adjunct assistant professor in the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA. Contact the authors at and The authors are especially interested in learning about examples of additional parks-related anti-displacement strategies proposed and being implemented around park projects. Cartography and design by GreenInfo Network. This report is available online