Changing Systems: A Groundwork Guide to Jumpstarting Local Climate Action in Your Community

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“The consequences of the climate crisis are here, and residents across the country are taking steps to protect their communities from the advancing threats of extreme heat, flooding, and other climate-related impacts. If you’re concerned about the current or potential impacts of climate change, but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place!

Groundwork USA’s national  network  of people-centered environmental justice organizations have worked with residents for decades to collaboratively restore land and develop the clean, green, and safe spaces communities desire. In 2018, Groundwork USA launched  Climate Safe Neighborhoods  (CSN), a 13-city partnership to advance climate justice in neighborhoods with histories of race-based housing segregation.

This Changing Systems Guide provides a high-level breakdown of the CSN approach. It lays out the core elements of our engagement strategy while providing a collection of lessons learned through several years of community-centered climate resilience, mitigation, and adaptation work around the country. Our hope is that this guide will support those working towards climate safe futures in their own neighborhoods, whether there’s a Groundwork Trust in your city or not.”

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