Building Climate Resilience: Linking Historic Policies and Today’s Risks

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**This is the first webinar in a 6-part series hosted by the Urban Waters Learning Network that highlights a variety of strategies that community-based organizations can use to help their communities anticipate, prepare for and respond to climate risks such as flooding, coastal storms and drought, with a focus on protecting community members who are most vulnerable to climate threats. Register for upcoming webinars in this series HERE.

Recorded July 19, 2023, this session provides a brief overview of the disparate impacts of climate change in the U.S. and help participants initiate and navigate local conversations about climate risk and vulnerability. Participants learn how communities participating in Groundwork USA’s Climate Safe Neighborhoods Program are making the connections between historic land use policies and today’s climate risks to inform resilience efforts.


  • Dr. Jeremy Hoffman Hayes, Director of Climate Justice and Impact, Groundwork USA (LinkedIn)
  • Kelsey Hawkins-Johnson, Community & Climate Resilience Program Director, Groundwork Ohio River Valley (LinkedIn)
  • Candida Rodriguez,  Director of Community Relations, Groundwork Hudson Valley (LinkedIn)

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