Anti-Displacement Strategies: Environmental Restoration… Meet Affordable Housing

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Building on the first 2 webinars in our series on gentrification and displacement that (1) defined the issues and (2) showed how to use data to track them, this webinar focuses on the most effective strategy to preventing displacement: protecting and expanding affordable housing. Our expert speakers include:

  • Matthew Weber from Grounded Solutions (see the Grounded Solutions What about Housing? Toolkit)
  • Heather Benham from the Athens Land Trust

This webinar is part of a series hosted by the Urban Waters Learning Network. This year, we are digging deeper into a topic that has long been a concern of our members: the gentrification and displacement of people that we see taking place in our urban communities, oftentimes following efforts to revitalize and reinvest in the places we call home. We will be addressing this topic in the coming months through this webinar series (see the first and second webinars), blog posts, Impact Stories, and other resources.