A Big Announcement: the UWLN is Moving!


We have a big announcement: the Urban Waters Learning Network is moving!

To be more specific — we are leaving Basecamp, and switching to a new interactive communication platform!

For the last ten years, we have sought to provide opportunities for people and organizations to connect around urban waters. This includes in-person gatherings, a newsletter, and an interactive communication platform where Learning Network members can introduce topics, post resources and opportunities, and network with one another. 

For many years, Basecamp served well as this interactive communication platform. We liked the simplicity of design, that it favored interactive conversation, and that it could handle a large number of people. In a sea of overly complicated and expensive team management software, it was the simplest and best solution for our needs.

However, the needs of the Learning Network are evolving and growing, so each year we found ourselves revisiting the question: does Basecamp still meet our communication needs? More and more, the answer became… not so much. Finally, when Basecamp management took the controversial step of banning certain conversations among its employees, among other things–resulting in a mass exodus of talent–we knew it was time to move on.

And so, we have finally made the choice to move our hundreds of members to the Mobilize platform — which, we think, is easier to use, easier to navigate, and serves our needs–and yours–better than Basecamp. The move is set to be complete by October 31.

In order to fully complete the transition, we need a little bit of help from our members:

  • Once we add you to the Mobilize group, you will need to fill out a simple registration form in order to use it.
  • See this short video to learn more about the Mobilize experience. 

We’re also looking for a few, good, volunteer moderators! If you are a natural “people connector” and can spare a few minutes each month to engage with others via the platform 2-3 times a month, we want to hear from you!

Stepping into the moderator role is also a way to elevate your own organization’s profile, become a leader in the UWLN, and connect with your peers from around the country.

If you’re interested in becoming a moderator, please contact Diana Toledo (dtoledo@rivernetwork.org) or Renée Mazurek (rmazurek@rivernetwork.org) directly. 



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