Atlanta, GA

Environmental Community Action, Inc

WATERSHED: Proctor Creek and Intrenchment Creek Watersheds

Education and Advocacy for Green Infrastructure and Environmental Justice

Environmental Community Action, Inc (ECO-Action) – a grassroots organization that works with individuals and communities to fight for their rights to clean air, land, and water – provides resources and creates partnerships to support the communities they serve. They have developed many programs that educate and empower Georgia communities to advocate for equity and environmental protection. These include green infrastructure education and advocacy programs for communities in the Proctor and Intrenchment Creek watersheds

ECO-Action has been awarded an EPA Urban Waters Small Grant and participated as a partner in the Conservation Fund’s EPA Urban Waters Small Grant; both projects furthered green infrastructure implementation in Atlanta’s most impacted urban watersheds. ECO-Action has also expanded their partnerships and programming as a member of the Urban Flooding and Equity for Vulnerable Communities Collaborative, an offshoot of the Urban Waters Learning Network managed by River Network and Groundwork USA.

Through this work, ECO-Action and two of their partners – the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance and American Rivers – developed the Atlanta Watershed Learning Network (AWLN). Results to date of the AWLN include:

  • Hosting two 6 month-long training sessions for community members;
  • Creating a newsletter that includes community voices from Proctor and Intrenchment Creeks; and
  • Developing and hosting an educational website – The Watershed Learning Network – for urban communities to use