Bronx, New York

Bronx River Alliance

WATERSHED: Bronx River

Community-Based Programs to Improve Water Quality

The Bronx River Alliance, founded in 2001, is a non-profit organization that works with public and private partners to protect, improve, and restore the Bronx River. Providing a model for community-based watershed engagement, the Bronx River Alliance offers interconnected program areas of Education, Ecology, Greenway, Outreach, and Recreation. Thousands of volunteers are engaged every year to plant trees, monitor water quality, restore the natural habitat, assess litter pollution, and enjoy paddling, walking, or riding along the only freshwater river in New York City.

Since 2015 the Bronx River Alliance has been steadily expanding their water quality monitoring, environmental education programming, and community outreach to reduce major pollutants across the full watershed. Two prominent community science programs include Project Water DROP (Detecting River Outfalls and Pollutants) and Project WASTE (Waterway And Street Trash Elimination). Both have resulted in greater community engagement and public awareness.